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Yo folks.

Can anyone possibly provide me the steps I need to take in order to deliver the following ? - Cause I have tried a lot of things and watched a lot of YouTube and still cannot get my print how I want it. Wasting ink and paper with trial and error - can't believe I am finding it this complicated!

I'm printing portraits on 7x5 and landscapes on 6x4 paper. All of my images are cropped correctly.

My printer is a Canon IP 8750 (which can print borderless).

I basically want to print a phoney Polaroid esque border around my images (i.e. small white border on 3 edges and a thicker border at the bottom edge) - but even without the thicker edge, I am struggling to print equal borders on all edges with the image in the centre of the paper.

I have tried different things, but the one I would expect to work is simply using the margins in the print module. However, when setting them equally it still doesn't come out that way. I then thought about adding frames in Ps to the extents of the paper size, and then decreasing the image to fit the frame - with a view to using borderless printing - sounds odd given I want a border, but in theory I figured that would work. I've also tried messing around with post crop vignetting (+100%) but that seems like a mad way of doing it).

I don't think zoom to fit is the issue, as the image is the correct size for the paper. I have tried the different layout styles, but again, would have thought Single image should work. I noticed the minimum margin sizes (when not using borderless) are not are equal and believe that is dictated by the printer driver - so my minimums are as follows:

I therefore changed them all to .20 (although larger than I would like) but it still doesn't work. If this is something to do with basic maths/ rations etc. that I just don't get, I wouldn't mind so long as at least the left and right are equal, ideally the top edge would match and my phoney bottom edge would be larger.

If anyone knows and can take the time to tell me where Im going wrong, then thanks in advance!

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