Space Coast Air Show w/ the FZ2500

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Re: * Fabulous Series *

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

Fabulous series of shots from you again here, K Dub. Well done.

Yet more proof that this so-called soft lens issue re the FZ2000 is a fallacy, ...

Or simply sample variations as with other Panasonic Cameras.

When the FZ2500 first came out I was very intrigued, and read easily over a dozen reviews; downloaded sample JPG+RAW images to do my own PP.

Besides DPR there were other online reviews that with their FZ2500 'sample' had soft lens.

The imaging Resource "Optics" test were not all that great IMO.

For myself, since I do not do video, hence the FZ2500 for the $$$ not much of a upgrade to the FZ1000.

I agree with you that if one takes the time to learn how adjust camera's JPG settings and/ or PP images the FZ2500 (as with the other Panasonic Fixed-Lens) can produce good quality images.

IMO after all the years Panasonic should have been able to improve their cameras' SOOC JPG IQ. And they wonder why sales are declining?

From the FZ2500 OOC JPG online review samples I've seen I can understand why some novice users would be unhappy for the FZ2500 price. Especially when their smartphone's OOC images will generally do noticeably better.

As I've posted previously (e.g., HERE) I do a fair amount of WA shooting. Due to all the 'FZ' lens image circle not fully covering the sensor's corners/ edges, WA distortion, and the poor in-camera JPG cropping/ PP one needs a RAW app with a good Lens Profile to get the 'optimum' WA IQ.

Not arguing/ disagreeing with you, but when camera mfg's. marketing basically based on 'selling' to the masses being able to use a camera, don't berate the users because they fell for the false marketing used to sell cameras.


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