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Re: Expert RAW and Dynamic Range

_vlad wrote:

tokumeino wrote:

When using an aspect ratio like 1:1 with any of the cameras, will the excess pixels be cropped off, or can I retrieve them with Adobe Lightroom?

Cut from the 4/3 sensors. You dont't have square "multi-ratio" sensors/orientation here. I would add that LR is not the way to go if you want to read outer pixels. Indeed, actual RAW developers such as C1P let you access to the whole image sensor area, while LR does not offer the ability to disable a lens profile when it is embedded in the RAW file, and crops the files.

Actually LR 6 (I do not know about the latest ver.) can uncrop RAW files - so you will get slightly larger size. It is hidden in Crop&Straighten button. And it is using embedded lens profile. Unfortunately some others do not. ON1 uses the full size right from the start.

Are you saying that if I shoot 1:1 RAW, I can "recover" the extra pixels from the 4:3 sensor in LR? I don't know if Samsung actually appends the pixels or just uses software to hide the excess pixels based on the aspect ratio that I selected.

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