Results for Mini Challenge #669: "outside my premises, but not by more than 3mi"

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Results for Mini Challenge #669: "outside my premises, but not by more than 3mi"

Well, I start with exhibits, boiling down the remaining workload (I have problems with time management). This shows well the diversity of entries (and consequently environments) from various participants albeit some participants appear to be living in wormholes of photographic microcosms of their own and could probably earn their keep as a photographer while staying within walking distance of their home.

I don't really know all monikers well, so to avoid being unfair, I'll refer to everyone using their user name (and hope I don't get them wrong, either).

As I am not scouring the texts surrounding those entries, you might want to look them up in their original context for more information. That being said:

Ab S shows his neighborhood in the Netherlands:

Birddogman setting sail in Pennsylvania:

Jerry045 showcases the versatility of his neighborhood:

KBTinto shows a scene from his urban New York surroundings in classic B&W:

Mina J shows illuminated holiday decorations breaking with the dominance of pagan winter solstice themes and giving the holy family a more welcoming homing location than a collection of red-cloaked hooded men:

NicholasD cries fowl over the busy roads:

Ontarian shows a derelict train station passed by a not so derelict train:

PMUK show a breath of woods (showcasing a lens with 11 aperture blades I think, making my engineering background finally break through and shine on the thread):

And Val Bueno shows us a Hawaiian flower that does its own arrangement:

I'll be taking some more time to do the sorting of the entries. Apologies for that.

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