battery grip for R7?

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Re: No sign of a battery grip

boldcolors wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

The Canon USA web site . . .

> EOS R7

>> Supplies and Accessories

>>> Batteries and Grips

  • Battery Pack LP-E6NH

Nothing else is listed

This is a major fail for me as the camera alone is not large enough for my needs.
I will not buy the EOS R7 without a battery grip.
Maybe I should buy a 90D as a backup to my 7DII while they are still available


Major mistake if that is the case

A camera's physical dimensions and grip size/comfort/stability/security are paramount for me.

A camera can be small/compact - making it good for travel and general use etc, but when I want to use big lenses for serious wildlife/birding I need a battery grip.  Olympus gives me that with my Micro Fourthirds gear.  Canon offered that with their DSLR line and with the R5 and R6. ( I currently own the 5DIV and 7DII both with battery grips)

Not offering the optional battery grip with the R7 convinces me that Canon never intended the R7 to be a successor to the 7DII.

I don't care how good the Subject ID AF may be, or how many FPS it can do. If it doesn't feel secure in my hands when I walk around in the bush it's no good to me.

So after waiting so long for a 7DII successor - every year another rumour - I find myself in the position of pricing a 90D with BG-E14 

Or I might think about adding some more OM System gear to my MFT kit.
Or maybe I should wait and see if the R1 has 80 Megapixels 


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