Olympus E-M1X Field Sensor System, Electronic Shutter Questions

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Re: Olympus E-M1X Field Sensor System, Electronic Shutter Questions

finnan haddie wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:

Can the compass be set to record true north?

I'm assuming the GPS only works when it's receiving a signal, bit what about the compass? I'm assuming the direction is recorded at all times since it doesn't need GPS signal? Can the compass be calibrated to improve accuracy? Can the altimeter be calibrated as well?

Is there software to download GPS constellation data to speed up the acquisition/lock process?

Iirc there is some GPS Software download (but i don't use it myself).

What is the sensor readout speed of the E-M1X?

Afaik ~16 milliseconds.

How does the sensor readout speed compare to the OM-1?

The OM1 is about twice as fast.

I shoot mostly travel and portrait. Is rolling shutter and distortion going to be a problem for me?

No. Especially when using mechanical shutter.

Will using the E-shutter reduce the bit-depth of the RAW photos?


Can I shoot long exposures with the electronic shutter?


Any noise or other issues?

Thermal noise and dark current noise apply to all sensors.

Is there a Bluetooth or wireless remote?

I'm looking for something that can remotely trigger a five-frame auto exposure bracket.

The OMshare app for smartphones can do this (and more).

Or use third party wireless remotes.

Do you have this camera? Would you be able to comment about the compass and elaborate further on GPS?

Does the OMshare app work reliably over Bluetooth? Can the app be configured where a phone's hardware button can trigger the camera while the phone screen is off?

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