Need help! H owners

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Need help! H owners


Need help.

Question for H owners, specially but not limited to H3dII-31 owners.

Being just a You Tuber nowadays, that means it can go months apart between each shoot of mine.

Last shoot was in February, when it's hot around here. Now it's colder.

Yesterday I had another shoot, and for my surprise, I discovered what appeared to be "hallation" on my images.

Checked lens, VF, it's all clear.

Tried to remove the back, messed up with this lever, but the back didn't come off.

So with the mirror up with a long exposure, I could see what appears to be condensation, some sort of haze over the sensor, hence the "hallation" in the images.

That haze is not related to temperature, since it didn't change anything with the sensor pointed to the sun.

A few questions if you don't mind:


is my lever defective? Since I messed with it and the back didn't come off. Is there a second lever to push?


Have you ever seen haze forming over the sensor not related to condensation?


If I can't remove the back, can I put the camera in long exposure and with the sensor active, swab off that haze (whatever that is)?

Is it ok for the sensor to be cleaned while exposing? (electrical risks?)

Any help is super appreciated.

Thank you guys!

Best regards,

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