What lens after the 20-60 kit lens

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Re: What lens after the 20-60 kit lens

The Sig zooms equal Lumix ones at substantial savings. I think the 100-400 is a bargain! the 28-70 f2.8 is a nice price & weight, while giving up very little to the 24-70Art. The 14-24f2.8 Art is the only wide i've found that doesn't totally soften at the margins. I haven't tried the Lumix16-35f4, which, though more pricey, is much lighter.

I'm in the same boat, with the S5/20-60mm Kit purchase. I snagged a used Sigma 45mm f2.8. Although I like the latter for the build quality, image quality and the physical feel, AF-C performance has been very bad in it, especially when trying to photograph small children (perhaps this is a bad copy). The 20-60 performed better in this aspect. I'm likely to sell the Sigma 45. Which brings me to the following dilemma for a good fast lens choice to augment/replace the 20-60mm. (I'm looking for more light than the 20-60mm for indoor low light situations and eventually want to master low light photography as it appeals to me)

  1. Fast zoom: The Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 caught my attention due to the price/weight combo and could replace the 20-60mm zoom, save for the loss of 8mm in the low end. Has someone used the 28-70mm and found it lacking at the low end of the focal range? If so, what kind of photography did you find it not enough for? How is the AF-C performance with this lens? Is F2.8 enough (more below)?
  2. Set of primes: The current panasonic deals look very enticing. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on their 35 (and/or 50) and 85 primes and getting rid of the Sigma 45mm. Is there enough separation between the above three focal lengths? Specifically I'm torn between the 35 and 50mm focal lengths. Any suggestions here? (I'd considered the Sigma 35mm and 65mm F2 also, but that combination is currently approx $250 more than the 35+85 combo of Panasonic and I've heard from many sources that the Sigma's AF-C performance is not as good compared to Panasonic. Also, I'm not sure if the primes can replace the kit zoom in my case (more below)

I'm not a pro and a beginner wanting to develop photography into a serious hobby. Not interested in wildlife or sports, lukewarm on 'street' photography, but more open to finding what my groove is in the other genres of photography.

Help on how to think about this decision from veterans will be much appreciated!

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