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jwilliams wrote:

Kharan wrote:

  • Canon really, really need to stop their ergonomic shenanigans. It’s insane. Every single successive model released has had different ergos from the previous one! Substantially different ones I might add. Even between the R5 and R6 there are noticeable changes, and the R7 just goes off in a super-weird direction. I’d normally say “wait and see” but changing the rear panel scroll wheel to the joystick position is ridiculous - you guys have been putting it in the same place for 30+ years, FFS! Why change now?

Agreed. Canon likes to try something new each time it comes out with a new camera line. The original EOS M (almost all touch operation) & R (touchbar) are good examples. Now its this ugly scroll wheel/thumb nubbin combo. I'm generally a function over looks kind of person but I just don't think I could shoot that camera because it's so damn ugly.

Agreed x2. In some ways, the photos of the R7 seems like a mash-up of the RP, R, and R5/6 layout. I thought the designers had really hit a sweet spot with the layout of buttons on the back of the R5/R6 bodies and I was really hoping they would stick with that layout for those of us who will be switching back and forth between the R5/6 and R7. Canon seems to be obsessed with tinkering with that multi-controller spot on the back of their R System cameras. I thought they had learned their lesson from the mixed reviews of the Canon R multi-function bar—I was ecstatic when they went with a more traditional joystick on the R5/6 … and brought back the very useful scroll wheel.

Having said that, I remain open-minded about the new layout. Maybe I’ll discover that I really like it.

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