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Either your testing is flawed, or you got a bad copy of the RF 24-105L f4. And you will not find even 1 professional review that would agree with your findings.

The truth is, and rating from bad to best:

You will not find a better 24-105 zoom than the RF model.

Don't be too sure about that, multiple reviews have pointed out it's optically close to the EF versions. Different story if comparing the EF and RF 24-70s, but the RF 24-105mm is definitely one of the weaker RF lenses.

Likely OP has a bad copy, a good copy isn't going to be massively different to their previous EF.

I've had all three, and I found that my copy is noticeably better than the EF's, especially the EF Mark I.

The RF version gets hit on far more than it deserves. I just used my in Maui, for several hundred captures, and it performed fantastically...and this coming from an owner of the RF 28-70L f2, and both RF f1.2 primes.

I'll trust the reviews on this one.

I've also tried all 3 versions myself, they were all quite similar. Sharp, but the RF was nothing overly groundbreaking in comparison. Any optical improvement was minute at best. Ended up getting a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 instead.

I seen a huge jump in quality when I got my RF 28-70mm.

I've used all plus the Sigma 24-105 f/4, Canon 24-105 STM and Sony FE 24-105 f/4.

Of those the Canon RF and Sony FE were for sure the best performing.

  1. EF 24-105L f4 Mark I and 24-105 STM
  2. Sigma 24-105 f4
  3. EF 24-105L f4 Mark II
  4. RF 24-105L f4 and Sony 24-105 f4

The STM being better at 24mm than the Mark I and worse at 70mm and up. Used this lens as an intermediate when my Mark I got broke.

The Sigma was a bit of a disappointment, as I had hoped it would be clearly better than the Mark I, but it wasn't. So only got that lens for a brief period and kept the Mark I.

The Sony was on par with the RF, but pretty unusefull in AF-S mode as it had a huge backfocus issue in that mode (a known but often ignored issue). In AF-C mode it was much better strangly enough. Used it on a A7RIII, before fully returning to Canon.

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