Fuji Raw (RAF) and .xmp and Adobe Bridge versus Lightroom

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Fuji Raw (RAF) and .xmp and Adobe Bridge versus Lightroom

I'm trying to transition to mainly using Photoshop rather than Lightroom and have made more progress in the past two weeks than the previous ten years, thanks to the patience and help of Rodger in Edmonton

Having bothered Rodger more than enough, can I ask the forum a file type question and a Bridge versus Lr question please?

When using Lightroom Cloud or Lightroom CC Classic my processing was embedded in the .RAF file.

When I open a file via Bridge it immediately adds a .xmp file.

Which is preferable please and if no XMP file, where is the tickbox in Bridge to change it please (I've searched Preferences and Camera Raw Preferences and can't see anything)?

I'm not sure I'll use Bridge long-term, both Lightroom programs (I've used LR Cloud for the past year after years of using LR Classic previously) seem to be easier to store and find files, but this is possibly down to my familiarity with Lr. I have around 5,000 files and they are all in year folders, then date subfolders in '2022.05.23 format around Manchester' (I'm in the UK). I also haven't been big on key words, I should do it more and my main sorting methods are adding four stars to any file I process and using specific subject Albums (Collections in Classic) for sprecific projects .

To really get into using Photoshop I feel I need to use it 100% for processing, at least for a few months.

Is Bridge the way to go or would I be better storing on LR and processing in Photoshop?

One final thing, I do like to be able to do is access photograph files on my iPad and I use LR IOS for this. There isn't an equivalent version of Bridge for iPad (is there?).

I use a Windows PC and Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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