z6ii focus point brightness - adjustable?

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Re: z6ii focus point brightness - adjustable?

Camel Guy - I'm sorry I can't be much help for your specific question, but I just want to commend you on your positive observations, and your good attitude.  Lots of folks jump boots and all into the mirrorless arena, and get freaked out and then jump on here and bag out that medium.  However, even though you experienced some issues, which could be put down to a 'learning curve', you were positive in your appraisal of the Z6ii and freely relayed that here for all of us to see.  Well done?

I hope other folk more learned than myself can help you with your specific issue.  I too jumped into the Z6ii system recently, and though like you, there are some issues that I wished weren't so (the autofocus system, and menu diving), I am generally enjoying the camera and the images from it are gorgeous.  I guess, like the rest of us, you are hoping and awaiting the V2 firmware update, with the hope it may solve the rest of our issues.



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