PRO-1000: b&w prints - use color or b&w mode?

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Re: PRO-1000: b&w prints - use color or b&w mode?

theninth wrote:


I have been using the PRO-1000 for some years now, with I‘d say about 70-80% of my printing being black and white, without any toning. So far I have always used the color mode with an ICC profile and have been quite happy with the results.

I have avoided the dedicated black and white printing mode, there does not seem to be much documentation on it and somehow I am suspect of anything I do not fully understand and have control of.

What is your experience here, do you use the dedicated b&w mode? How are the results different? Can anyone maybe even shed some light on how it works?

Regards, Robert

You'll get a variety of opinions on this. I also like to print my b&w with an ICC profile. Mainly because it gives me more flexibility. I can print multiple images at once on roll or big sheet and not have to be concerned with mixing b&w and color images in the same job. According to standard forum knowledge, the b&w modes use fewer color inks, just enough to balance out the bias that the black and gray inks have.

I would say print in whichever way works best for you, and fits your workflow best.

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