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Re: color-blind swans Technical Comment Withdrawn

ole kekkonen wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

ole kekkonen wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

ole kekkonen wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

ole kekkonen wrote:

Showing here some of the difficulties in the extreme and why I often just grab my G9 instead because the ease of use.

Yep, I do that too ...

my feeling i: don't worry, it's supposed to be fun - but there might be something to this Foveon.

Ole, shooting at 1/800 sec at f /6.3 implies a lighting value of 15EV (i.e. full or slightly hazy sunlight) and the -1 EC implies even more light than that. I assume that you were trying not to blow the swans' plumage?

I would attribute the different colors to the use of Auto WB which is easily fooled on any camera...

I see that the date/time is the same for each shot, duh. Meaning that Ole played games by messing with the same capture three ways. Not sure why ...

because I dont like the original merrill color


actually the quattro colors seems more spot on

Indeed, if "more spot on" means more accurate, then Arg's dp0 Quattro was the most accurate camera that I have measured using a 24-patch color card.

a good exposure with the G9 and with rawtherapee I just use the tint slider and go from green too purple and the blue curve in histogram comes down from the left and follow a nice curve with the red and green curve, and the images really pops out sometimes.does that make any sense?

Long ago, I used to line up the RGB curves in Photoshop Elements but could never figure a technical reason for doing that.

with the sd1 or my other sigmas its not that easy but they are all different ,that is what I like about them, the diversity.

Bayers are all the same, right?

Hmmm .....

so I am about testing them, but I use more or less the same focal length, it takes years getting used to a prime lens, probably also with a Foveon sensor. I just have to decide which one I will test and for that I need a smaller test..dooh!

...I see you prefer the SD9:)?

Well more like "horses for courses", Ole.

I keep the SD9 for the basic Foveon advantage with almost no complications.

Since the SD9 can't do IR, I keep a G1 which has been modified for that purpose.

The G9 with all it's bells and whistles is for difficult shots of all kinds.

The LX1 fits my pocket well and takes tolerable snaps.

My cellphone has no camera by choice.

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what you got is not what you saw ...

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