Still not getting the most out of my Olympus 100-400

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Re: Still not getting the most out of my Olympus 100-400

I'm not sure why you'd want to use SAF? I use CAF almost all of the time because it works -indeed- better than SAF. I only switch to SAF in very low light when CAF begins te struggle. IIRC forum member djr3 has posted several times about the difference between SAF and CAF.

The photos of the birds in the trees, are those crops? If so, then you're way too far off to get good results. The photo taken with the Fuji may be slightly better, but in itself it's not exactly great. To me it looks like you're getting heat distortion problem due to the distance.

Lastly I wonder if there's also a problem with the post processing. I'm curious how an LF (large fine) jpeg out of camera would look like. Can you shoot again and post side by side?

Edit: As to reducing the exposure, of course you need to stop down when shooting BIFs against a bright sky. Nothing strange about that.

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