Panny S5 underexposes images?

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OP Johnnew Archibald - SMGJohn New Member • Posts: 11
Re: Panny S5 underexposes images?

But I shot a lot of cameras all the way back to 2006, i never seen a RAW file that had to be boosted by 5 stops in post because its so dark.

I also noticed the S5 shoots darker images with the same settings as my 5DM3, a lot darker like at least 3 to 5 stops underexposed.

Is that even normal? Or is my S5 defective? Even when I try to bring the image up in post, I get a lot of noise despite shooting ISO100, like I said out the box brand new it still did this.

The metre stops at like +5 stops anyway, none of this makes sense, its like the camera its lying to me, with Canon and Sony, what I see is what I get even on the RAW files.

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