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Bill Ferris wrote:

martins8585 wrote:

I'll start by apologising if this question has been covered before but due to a 50th birthday next month I'm in the fortunate position that I have the opportunity to buy some new toys.

My current set up is a Fuji X-S10 and 10-24mm, 18-15mm and 55 - 200mm which I've immensely enjoyed after getting back into photography around a year ago.

What shortcomings are you hoping to address?

My options are:

  • Keep the X-S10 and buy an XT4 + 16-55mm
  • Trade in and buy Nikon Z6ii + 24 - 120 F4 + 14 - 30mm F4
  • Trade in and buy Nikon Z7ii + 24 - 120 F4

I predominantly shoot landscape and don't see myself printing above A2.

My question in should I see an increase in image quality moving to Nikon FF and if so should I go with my head and the Z6ii or will I eventually miss not going for the Z7ii?

Thank you for reading.

While there is potential for an image quality improvement, the degree of improvement will depend on a few things, such as your shooting style. For instance, I take it from your list of options that you use the 18-55 the most but would like to upgrade to the 16-55, if you were to you stay with Fuji. Is that correct?

I'm guessing you don't use the 10-24 as much...at least, not the wide end. The 16-55 f/2.8 has a rep as an excellent zoom. If you'd like something a bit wider but still sharp, the 14mm f/2.8 is an option.

What tripod are you currently using for your landscape photography? A quality tripod goes a long way towards maximizing the performance of a system in low light environments...sunrise or sunset photo shoots, for instance.

Purely from an image quality standpoint, a factor to consider is the depth of field you like to capture in your landscape shots. For instance, if you like a deep depth of field and shoot at f/5.6 or f/8 with your Fuji gear, you'd need to be at f/8 or f/11 when shooting at an equivalent focal length in the Zcosystem. That 1-stop loss of light would essentially render the two systems as equals on paper. In other words, either system would be working with the same total quantity of light and making images with the same shot noise visibility.

Now, there's the on-paper comparison and the real world comparison. You could still find the Nikon kit an upgrade. However, I doubt it would be earth-shattering. But that's an individual thing.

What's your image processing workflow? Which app(s) do you use? What do you like best about it? What's your least favorite aspect? Fuji RAFs have a reputation for being challenging to work with. If you've spent any time in the Fuji forum, you know about the Lightroom vs Capture1 vs everything else debates

If you migrate to the Z7II, you'll be working with a higher resolution sensor, which would have the potential to show itself if you make some fairly large prints. It's tough to know what the difference would be comparing A2 prints.

Have you considered treating yourself to a trip to a bucket list location for some dedicated landscape photography? Bring the Fuji kit and bring home some bodacious keepers.

Or rent a Z6II or Z7II system for a trip and give the system a side-by-side test drive against the Fuji kit. Switching systems is a big move. If the Nikon kit impresses you over a weekend, you can make the move with confidence in knowing what you'll be getting. If there's a difference but not a big one, you might turn your attention to upgrading your Fuji kit with a new body or new lenses.

Just some options to consider. Good luck.

No desire to hijack your post but am interested in your comment on tripods. I currently have two. A Manfrotto be free that weighs a couple of pounds for hiking and a monster that is for the studio. Am shooting a d750 plus 24/70 on the be free and wanted to ask you if a more expensive hiking tripod like a Gitzo would have an impact on IQ? Many thx

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