Fujifilm GF20-35 - keeping fingers crossed for 31 May

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Re: Fujifilm GF20-35 - keeping fingers crossed for 31 May

Adam Schallau wrote:

amateurphotographer wrote:

Hi all,

Update: I just finished watching the presentation again, but this time on a 27" display and in 4k and you can see that the lens barrel is marked "1:4" meaning they are aiming for it to be an f/4 lens.

Keeping my fingers cross it will be announced at the Fujifilm X summit on the 31 May.

Anyone else keen for this lens?

I'm very keen for this lens to be officially announced. I've been carrying 5 lenses in my kit and my back is definitely feeling it. My lens kit currently consists of the Laowa 17/4 along with the Fuji 23/4, 32-64/4, 45-100/4, and 100-200/5.6. If the 20-35mm lens is at least as good optically as the 32-64/4, then I plan to replace the 17/4, 23/4, and 32-64/4 with it.

I've been getting around this 23-32 gap by shooting with the 23mm and cropping it.  Plenty of pixels still with the GFX100s.

I know what you mean with the weight.  I also carry the same as your setup.  For me I will sell the 23mm when the 20-35 comes out.   For wider than 23mm, I use the Canon 11-24 with Steelrings/Kipon adapters.

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