Fujifilm GF20-35 - keeping fingers crossed for 31 May

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Re: Fujifilm GF20-35 - keeping fingers crossed for 31 May

amateurphotographer wrote:

Hi all,

I have the 23 + 32-64. I often find I need a focal length in between 23-32.

There's the GF30 but so it's close to the 32 of the 32-64 zoom.

I'm in the same boat. I often need or could really use a focal length between 23mm and 32mm.

The GF20-35 will fill this gap. I guess it would be f4/5.6 lens, which I don't mind as I will be using it for stationary product shots.

The prototype/mockup that was shown in the X Summit PRIME 2021 event has an aperture ring. That tells me that the lens does not have an aperture that varies with the zoom setting. Judging by the size of the lens shown in the video I believe it will be an f/4 design.

Update: I just finished watching the presentation again, but this time on a 27" display and in 4k and you can see that the lens barrel is marked "1:4" meaning they are aiming for it to be an f/4 lens.

Keeping my fingers cross it will be announced at the Fujifilm X summit on the 31 May.

Anyone else keen for this lens?

I'm very keen for this lens to be officially announced. I've been carrying 5 lenses in my kit and my back is definitely feeling it. My lens kit currently consists of the Laowa 17/4 along with the Fuji 23/4, 32-64/4, 45-100/4, and 100-200/5.6. If the 20-35mm lens is at least as good optically as the 32-64/4, then I plan to replace the 17/4, 23/4, and 32-64/4 with it.

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