Mi 11 Ultra - A Quick Wander Around A Park

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Re: Mi 11 Ultra - A Quick Wander Around A Park

_vlad wrote:

Djingonthenet wrote:

Ok I've played around with these two in snapseed. A bit of structure and sharpening, first one is stock cam, second gcam.

First one was taken as a mono photo (I know it's a filter) second one monochrome filter applied from colour shot.

Stock cam, snapseed edit.

Gcam, snapseed edit.

First one is IMO oversharpened - quite a lot- Second one is better, still-even here- I will probably mute the sharpening. I like Snapspeed but not for sharpening, frequently happened to me that what looked OK on small display was way off looking on PC at 100%.

I agree, editing on a phone screen even if it's an excellent one like the Mi always makes it look better than it does when viewed on a monitor. The edited GCAM photo does look better than the stock (I must have over done that by quite a lot there), the GCAM reminds me of a shot taken by a P30 pro in the way it has been processed. The originals look too soft to my eyes, but that may be how they are supposed to look, I've been used to the Mate, and the P30 pro before that, producing pleasing photos, the Mi is going in a different direction to those.  Below is the original GCAM photo for reference.

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