Choosing My First Lenses for EM-5 III

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Choosing My First Lenses for EM-5 III

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I settled on getting a u4/3 system and the em-5 iii mainly because I like the lens selection more than Fuji or Sony and they are a bit cheaper too. My focus will be landscapes. This will be my first step up as far as gear goes past my RX-100. I want to consider weight/size for comfort while hiking, but I'm not going to be too nit-picky because if I was really worried I'd just stick with the RX-100. I might buy a mk III of that anyway as an upgrade from the mk I.

I am most concerned first about getting one lens that I will probably leave on for most of my shooting which I can supplement with a longer zoom and maybe something in the more wide range.

From what I've gathered, these are my good options for a main lens

Olympus 12-40 2.8 Pro (382g ~$500 used)

Panasonic 12-35 2.8 (305g ~$400)

Leica 12-60 2.8-4 (320g ~$450)

Lumix 12-60 3.5-5.6 (210g ~$200)

Olympus 12-45 4.0 Pro (254g ~$465)

Olympus 12-100 4.0 (561g ~$750)

The 12-100 is well-liked and it would not need to be swapped much, but I think I prefer being able to leave the extra length behind when I don't think I'll need it. Other than that, I'm not too concerned about the difference in focal length between 40 and 60 so the question for me is should I go for one of the faster lenses and how much the difference between f/2.8 and 4 matters. I am thinking the faster lenses will be nicer for low-light situations and hopefully shooting stars. Is that reasonable or would I be better off just leaving that to a faster wide lens? Out of all of them, the Lumix 12-60 seems like the ideal lens in terms of weight, cost, size, and range as long as the aperture isn't going to limit me. Other than that, I'm not sure if it's top-quality glass or not which I'm trying to get for at least my main lens.

I plan on complementing whatever I get with a longer zoom, probably either the 40-150 or Panasonic 35-100 4.0 since they are cheap and light, and I probably won't use them as often.

As for wide-angle I've seen the Oly 9-18 4-5.6, 7-14 2.8, Leica 8-18, Rokinon 12mm 2.0, and some 8mm I saw mentioned in a post but I don't know which one.

Additionally, I see many kits sold with the 14-150 which seems interesting but I haven't seen anyone mention it on the forum which has me thinking it's just a low-quality kit lens.

I'll also mention I'd like to use my camera for close-ups of mineral specimens but I may need a dedicated macro lens for that as well.

Curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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