Recent backyard birds

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Re: Recent backyard birds


Lovely colorful birds Richie!, However, is it me or I see some motion blur in some of them?

(Like the Dove in 2nd shot, I see 1/125 on 300mm. ;)...



Interesting. Something is wrong with the uploaded dove photo; at least comparing the Original Size version to the one on my iMac it has lost critical sharpness all over. That's not happened to me before here. The shot was hand held at 1/125th second as the EXIF shows, but the VR on that lens has been fine with other photos.

The bluish lovebird doesn't have enough depth of field to keep the head in focus, so that should show on the larger version. But so far it is the best shot I have of that bird which hasn't been back since I took it. I keep waiting for it to show up again and I'll probably ends up sitting out on the patio waiting for it in the triple digit temps.

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