Lenses for product videography? Jewellery & models

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Re: Lenses for product videography? Jewellery & models

Hello OTM,

Ok good question and good point to all. I am not particularly interested in stills as I pretty much have that nailed down.

I own in primes:

Canon 24 L

Canon 100 L

Canon 135 L

Canon 24 - 105 L

Canon 85 1.8

Canon 28 1.8

Sigma 50 Art

And if it ever turns up: Sigma 14 -24 Art.

I started shooting with the Canon 5D iv and it lacks a lot of detail and is hard to colour grade. Also having so many primes meant I needed to jump in between, which made colour grading hard too. So I re-bought the 24 to 105 for IS and for standardising it a bit

I think I would not mind the IRIX 45mm and the 105 for the video, but I am not convinced its a wise choice.

Yes to the point of making videos for jewellery more lifestyle shoots. Not so much detailed product stuff. Most companies can do that in 3d.

With regards to tilt shifts. I dont have any, and it is slightly too niche and would be curious to see a video on titl shift though.


here is something I recently did.

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