what is the R7 trying to be?

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what is the R7 trying to be?

the fact is that the smartphone industry has drastically changed the camera market, people no longer look for "entry-level" systems, point-and-shoots are nearly obsolete, and even cameras of this sort that outperform smartphones greatly don't sell nearly as well, people just want the biggest and baddest, even the novice hobbyist, just go out and ask the camera store near you which cameras they've been selling most (or taking orders for most...), and you'll be boggled by the price range those are in, just a short while ago the cameras that seemed to sell best were canon rebels and nikon 4 digit bodys, followed closely by powershots and coolpixes (usually the lower-end ones), and now... canon r3, nikon z9, sony a1, fuji gfx100s and the like, are likely leading those lists.

another bang the industry took was the move to mirrorless, back in the day, high-end apsc bodies were marketed as the portable affordable alternative to the full-frame beasts, today it seems that most manufacturers have abandoned or neglected their apsc mirrorless lineups, since that claim can be achieved with full-frame bodies too, such as the canon rp nikon z5 and sony a7c, while giving the users a little bit of a better excuse for buying a camera over using their smartphones.

so what is really the place of apsc systems today?

so obviously there's the compactness and portability of the system, but in order to achieve that you'll need to host an entire lineup of apsc lenses, that allow you to reach similar heights to those of their full-frame siblings while maintaining 60%-75% of the size, just like canon and nikon did back in the day with their ef-s and dx lens lineups, you can't just release a body and hope people will use it with big bulky expensive ff glass (much like what nikon did with the z50).

i think two systems already excel in this field, and those are fuji x and MFT (olympus/panasonic), for anyone who needs a compact system (cameras and lenses), they cater fully and cater well, anyone trying to push themselves in that niche, without some serious excuses, is doing a terribly foolish move.

when i see all the jabber about the rumored so called "r7", i say to myself "ok, they'll release an apsc body (probably with very few or no lenses, and with a mount way to big to host proper architecture of compact ones), and who will buy it?"

this can't be a "mirrorless rebel", that market is bleeding to death, and a proper ff successor to the rp would be far more welcome in that niche.

and if it's trying to be a "mirrorless 7d", it better not dance on the fact that it's more affordable and compact, that's just not going to be a good enough excuse for it's existence.

the only situation in which i can see such a concept soaring in today's market, is if it'll be an affordable compact r3!

a stacked sensor shooting 30 fps or more in uncompressed raw, possibly the eye control thing, a pro-grade build, unlimited video shooting, all just in apsc!

i think that's what everyone should be hoping for, and hopefully what canon's been cooking for us.

love to hear your learnered thoughts

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