I Sony discontinuing APS-C models?

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Re: I Sony discontinuing APS-C models?

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Sony expects you to buy full frame lenses. This is why many believe the cameras are dead in the water. Plus the fact that they refuse to actually make a good crop sensor camera that can be relied on for professional use.

ok sure

I guess your comment isn't aging well.


Statement still stands. Sony will never make a full featured professional crop sensor camera. You apparently didn’t notice a trend with those lenses. All ultra wides. You know… for vlogging…

probably because it’s not financially worth it for them to launch such a camera. A1 or A9 Mini would still be an expensive camera, probably on the excess of €3000, while this might still be acceptable to a few birders that probably would not be enough for it to be launched, there simply is a limited amount of APS-C users who would be willing to spend such an amount on a camera, especially when the specific APS-C lenses isn’t there, these again ain’t there because there is not enough profit to be made from it.

Sony instead focus lenses and body on segments that is more guaranteed to provide the profit.

The ZV-E10 was a empty stock end of life move for the specific hardware, pretty much any major manufacturer do this. APS-C sensor are generally used for 3 years before these are upgraded. The A6600 came out 3 years after the release of the last sensor. We have not seen anything since in that series but we also been struck by several crises since and that might have a important part to play in it. Fujifilm is also living on a 2018 on latest gen a sensor that we don’t know when will be replaced with the current issue the market is currently having.

Fujifilm will be announcing one of two new cameras rumored at the Summit that is expected to be on the 31st of this month. It will supposedly have a new BSI stacked 26mp sensor. I expect supply issues but they are still moving forward with new tech regardless.

The whole profit thing also goes out the window when you look at Fujifilm. The ONLY manufacturer that decided to take crop sensors seriously. They’ve also built up a loyal fan base because of their dedication to the format. Now, Sigma and Tamron are releasing x mount lenses so Sony crop sensors don’t even have the edge on cheaper 3rd party options anymore. Viltrox also appears to be also releasing x mount exclusive lenses (13mm f1.4).

No it doesn’t go out the window, the APS-C market is shrinking up till about 10% annually, in a market that is so dependent on high sales volume, then if you cannot somehow get the customers to accept higher FF like prices, then a shrinking market is a massive problem as this will decrease your profit on APS-C quite noticeable every single year, this is the catch and why the big 3 has probably been reluctant to invest heavily in it, this is obviously good for Fujifilm as they otherwise would have felt the shrinking market more then is the case.

Fujifilm where also in fact caught sleeping on their laurels when Sony started the FF Mirrorless revolution, no wonder they took APS-C seriously because just like Olympus it was either that or toss in the towel or joining the L-mount fiasco alliance. Fujifilm of a late also moved a noticeable amount of resources to wannabe MF, again probably because they are aware of that you can’t survive on APS-C on the longer horizon.

Considering I just gave $11,669.41 to Fujifilm already, I’d say Sony screwed up because had they actually supported their crop sensor cameras, that would’ve gone to them. I’m also not the only one willing to invest in the format. Now that I’m heavily in another mount system and Sigma and Tamron are now making lenses for it, there’s no reason to return to e mount. It truly is sad that Sony can’t get their head out of the sand to see an untapped market. I still have my a6400 and a couple lenses but I may possibly be trading it in for another lens or the new camera to be announced. I’m not the only one to jump ship and I see people regularly question if they should stay with Sony crop. They either move to full frame or move to Fujifilm eventually because they can see it’s got zero support.

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