Lens overload! ...or is it?

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Lens overload! ...or is it?

Hi All,

I have and X-T1 since it came out and used the 18-135, 14 f2.8 and 35 1.4 with it for years and I loved the range of the zoom-lens, but not so much it’s sharpness/IQ.

I’ve also used the 35 far more than the 14.

I recently had the opportunity to purchase the 10-24, 16-55, 50-140, 55-200, 18 F2, 60 and 90 for the nice price of 1000 bucks (yes, all legit) and now I'm feeling like having TOO many choices and can never decide what to take with me! 😃

(now if fuji would ever make an 18-200 or an 18-300 that’s as sharp as the 16-55, that would be my one and only lens!)

10-24 (love me some wide-angles)

16-55 (will keep this one for sure)

50-140 (super cool lens, but heavy and not sure I’ll use it on holidays. Always wanted it, but now that I have it….)

55-200 (probably will pair this one with the 16-55 and 10-24 when on holiday)

18-135 (maybe sell it, although it’s very convenient, the IQ is obviously miles apart from the 16-55 and the 50-140)

14 (I have the 10-24)

18 (I have the 16-55)

35 (I have the 16-55, but the 1.4 is so nice to have in low light)

60 (actually having a lot of fun with this lens, mostly for very close up stuff. Haven't really used it yet for 'real' shooting, only for some testing, but it kind of makes me want to get a true macro lens)

90 (this is just a 'wow' lens, so nice)

Obviously I CAN keep them all, but I’m curious to find out what YOU guys would keep/sell.


Fujifilm X-T1
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