Azores - San Miguel, Portugal [Mi 11 Ultra | gcam]

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Re: Azores - San Miguel, Portugal [Mi 11 Ultra | gcam]

Groot wrote:

Djingonthenet wrote:

Groot wrote:

Some details:

2.4mm - Ultra wide angle lens (12mm 1/2" sensor)
7.59mm - Main lens (24mm 1/1.12" sensor).
22mm - Telephoto lens (120mm 1/2" sensor)

Also, the 4th photo is with 2X digital zoom hence the loss of sharpness.

What gcam port and xml file are you using? I have the LMC 8.4 port and am not getting quality as good as this, is the phone rooted or locked bootloader? HDR+ or HDR+ enhanced on?

It's MTSL 7.1 + my XML which is based on Matteo. I can share of course.

I've used MTSL before, was very unstable, app kept crashing.  Nothing that I've used so far is working better than the stock camera, using LMC 8.4 which works well but not as good as these images.

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