Looking for a new 135mm

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Re: Looking for a new 135mm

E Dinkla wrote:

I have both the Canon 2.5 and the Minolta MD III 135mm 3.5. For the task the OP describes the latter is more suited I think.

Good information.

On the other hand a sharp 70mm like the Sigma DG 70mm 2.8 and 4 takes instead of 9 might do the job as good.

I agree, there are many ways to do the job. It has taken me 22 years to refine my 9 image workflow. All my gear now has permanent markings for the correct settings. Usually, if I follow my own formulas, I get what the correct result.

On a side note. Did you and I communicate years ago about using a pen plotter to automate measuring printed test targets?


Good memory then, it could have been before 2007 that I converted an A3? HP pen plotter to scan inkjet printed targets with my Spectrocam for the creation of ICC print profiles. Though I think mainly for linearisation of the Epson 9000 converted to B&W hexatone inks.  In 2007 I got my HP Z3100 44" inkjet printer with an integrated spectrometer for tasks like that. In 2009 the improved Z3200PS.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
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