Lenses for product videography? Jewellery & models

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ashton lamont
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Re: Lenses for product videography? Jewellery & models

You've probably found this already but anyway: to make videos of very small items stand out its probably not so much the lenses - which you no doubt have already including a macro / extension tubes - as the equipment and software.

You need a rotating tray, otherwise sometimes called a lazy susan. For slightly larger compositions such as a watch on a wrist with part of the models upper body a slider can be useful. Off camera continuous lighting obviously though be very aware of hotspots and reflections on jewellery so reflectors can be good.

To get good smooth zoom-ins it can be easier to use software in post; the dynamic zoom function in Davinci Resolve works great and can also substitute for a pan. If you shoot in 4k and supply in HD so much the better - though for Instagram sizes thats not really a biggie.

These will give you much more appealing video results than slightly better lenses which most clients would not recognise one from another anyway.

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