Lenses for product videography? Jewellery & models

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Re: Lenses for product videography? Jewellery & models

Boo R wrote:


I am a product photographer who is changing with the demand, or trying to. And I am new to this but I have been around enough to know about buying options. Cheap does not always mean good.

What products I shoot? jewellery, clothing. Not cars, no boats. Just simply lifestyle stories to on IG for now.

I have been researching lenses for videography and specifically for products, I do not see much content or info to this specifically. Like everything, it all seems to be very generic.

I started creating videos 6 months ago, business is going well but I do not want to invest lenses that are in the 000 mark as I don't know where it is going. But I want to build the business.

I did my research on YT, but it all seems to be from hipsters who like a retro look. I am not looking for that. I need crisp, sharp and good looking. Commercial.

So any suggestions welcome.

What camera do I use? I am on a xt4 for now and have an EF adapter

Guidance from others in the industry would be awesome.

What type of jewelry pieces? If small, then a macro lens could be good (f you want close up shots).

And secondly, what lens(es) do you own now???

And thirdly, if you come on here stating "I started creating videos 6 months ago," then yu should at least invite us to check out your work.

But it sounds more like you are trying to shoot "lifestyle" videos with the jewelry and clothes being worn. In that case, just whatever equivalent to something like a 24-70 f/2.8 on fuji would be a good starting point.

Then if you end up needing an adapter, MAYBE something like the Sigma 70mm macro for Canon EF mount or some 50mm macro for EF mount, or maybe there is a native fuji macro lens.

One other thing, but related to stills, not so much related to video. If you do end up looking at close focusing / macro lenses, I personally find it very helpful to use a lens with minimal focus breathing and then focus stacking the images. I don't know if the X-T4 has built in focus stacking or not. (I usually do it in photoshop using my Panasonic full frame cameras.)

And lastly, some people who shoot product STILLS absolutely swear by a tilt shift lens so they can control the plain of focus. Again, not all that applicable to video (as far as I can tell), but if you also do stills in addition to video, it MIGHT be something to think about.

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