I Sony discontinuing APS-C models?

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Re: I Sony discontinuing APS-C models?

davelok wrote:

woodyggg wrote:

I just read the following comment on a forum...

"Sony has either discontinued or "suspended" every APS-C A6x00 camera body, so an APS-C e-mount lens is going to be worthless in the long run. Current Sony APS-C users won't be able to replace their cameras and new users have absolutely nothing to buy."

I was wondering if there's any truth to this? I haven't paid attention to APS-C on Sony in some time so didn't know... thanks.

I will not repeat all the sound arguments others have already made, but Sony won't kill APS-C for the primary reason that it is an affordable entry point into system cameras for many. This also includes cheap OEM and third party APS-C lenses.

Further evidence for the relevance of APS-C is that Fuji continues to do well, and Canon is about to announce an APS-C R7 if we go by rumours. Now if Nikon upgrades the Z50, we'll see Sony being forced to step up to the line.

Fujifilm does well because they actually support their cameras with lenses designed for the format. Their medium format is a completely separate mount to avoid cannibalism of their products.

Sony expects you to buy full frame lenses. This is why many believe the cameras are dead in the water. Plus the fact that they refuse to actually make a good crop sensor camera that can be relied on for professional use.

The same can be said of Canon and Nikon. They only truly support their full frame camera lineup. It’s a damn shame really…

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