Sigma 35mm f2 or Panasonic 35mm 1.8?

Started Aug 22, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sigma 35mm f2 or Panasonic 35mm 1.8?

It seems that the pulsing issue in AFC in sigma has been the consistent issue that everyone has been talking about and is a known quantity.

Can anyone speak to the low light focussing abilities of sigma vs panasonic 35mm (mainly AF-S, but if someone has tried AF-C they can post their experiences as well)? Are there any differences in this area? Or, is it mostly a function of the camera body? I ask as my copy of sigma 45mm F2.8 struggles to find focus in low light with my S5 body. I bought the sigma used and am trying to figure out if it is an issue with the copy or a systemic issue in sigma lenses or perhaps the body itself.

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