Buying a flash for the R6 - Which Flash and trigger? (confused)

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Re: Buying a flash for the R6 - Which Flash and trigger? (confused)

Tahoe Sailor wrote:

Manual flash settings, TTL flash up to the camera's flash sync speed and HSS in Manual mode all work fine. However, HSS in TTL mode is not compatible: it always results in a full power flash discharge. My mirrorless Canon M6 Mark II has the same problem. I have contacted Adorama and they said that Godox is aware of the problem. Since the R5/6 have been out for well over a year and this is well documented problem I am not confident that there will be a firmware fix. The mirrorless R5/6 must have a different flash metering system than Canon's DSLR's because my 5DIV and 7DII don't have this problem. Otherwise, I have been extremely happy with the system.

+1 to all of that.

I haven't yet run into a situation where I've desperately needed HSS + TTL so I just can't fault my Godox gear. It's affordable, surprisingly robust, easy to use and reliable.

However if you really want the HSS+TTL option, then I think it has to be Canon's own products all the way.

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