CL/TL2 system “officially” dead

Started May 18, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: CL/TL2 system “officially” dead

It's sad to see. The frustration is that when you place a bet on a lens system you believe it offers the basis of evolution. As a well known moderator puts it "You marry your lens system and have affairs with camera bodies".

We still have 6 years - whatever that really means when it's in a badly written memo - to enjoy using good equipment before it may become unrepairable.

I'm hoping in the meantime that someone like Sigma develops an APSC L-mount camera that does not look like a Lego kit inspired by Le Corbusier's brutalist public housing projects, but an actual camera. Or that someone decides to make a smart adaptor that allows TL lenses to be used on Fuji X bodies.

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