R5, IS on or off for flight shots?

Started May 15, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: R5, IS on or off for flight shots?

R2D2 wrote:

Johnnyxbow wrote:

My R5 is tack sharp with stationary birds using 100-500 lens. But in flight shots are in focus and camera does not seen to struggle tracking, but not tack sharp. Shutter speeds are up at 2500/3200 IS I have tried on mode one and two. I will try turning IS off next time, but not likely to be until next weekend.

Anyone noticed any issues or have any suggestions

Turn IS off completely for BIFs. I always have much higher keeper rates without it, no matter the mode or the shutter speed.


Thanks R2, I will try that when out next.

Would be interesting to know why we have a problem with IS now that I have not noticed with past canon cameras. Can't be lens IS as this has worked in the past so it points to IBIS or the combination of the two. Have you tried any older none stabilised lenses with IBIS on?


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