New S5 user - Lens recommendations and a future looking question

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Re: New S5 user - Lens recommendations and a future looking question

Pete_W wrote:

jsiva wrote:

  • I was on a local photography workshop where the instructor was using Sony FF and Fujifilm cameras (he uses Sony FF for his wedding photography work). On the topic of which cameras, his viewpoint was that camera companies in general are not doing as well as they were in the past decade (due to consumers using smartphones more and more for photography) and that some players whose sales numbers are dropping are selling their camera divisions or exiting the camera market altogether (his examples are pentax, olympus, etc.). He was making a point to stick to the top two (Sony and Canon in his opinion) for longevity of the said lens portfolio and to update bodies, etc.

I would ignore this. There is no guarantee that any company won't pull out of a specific market. You have a great camera, Panasonic is a great brand, so use it to its full extent and enjoy it. And remember you don't need a huge number of lenses for hobby photography.

Thanks Pete. Are you the same Pete, the rail enthusiast from the Reddit forums? I quite enjoyed your thread there which eventually convinced you to buy the s5? I went through the same dilemma before I landed on the s5! How are you finding the s5?

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