New S5 user - Lens recommendations and a future looking question

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Re: New S5 user - Lens recommendations and a future looking question

Off The Mark wrote:

I would probably consider what Rashid suggested above, since many (all???) of the Sigma L Mount lenses can be converted to Sony E mount should the rug get pulled out of Panasonic L Mount.

There is also adapted Canon EF / EF-S lenses (as well as Sigma Art / Contemporary / Sport lenses in Canon EF mount) that can be adapted to Panasonic S5 by using one of the EF to L Mount adapters (i.e., Sigma MC-21, Fotodiox Fusion adapter, Comlite adapter). Canon EF is an "almost" universal mount that can be adapted to everything from $60K Arri Alexa Cinema Cameras to some of the least expensive m43 cameras, to sony E mount, to Canon RF mount, to Fuji, and even on to Nikon Z mount.

You won't get AF-C with an adapted lens, but then again, not sure you will be missing it.

Yes, Canon and Sony are killing it. I think though that Panasonic can do really well if they can just get their autofocus together.

Thanks for the adapter recommendations! I don’t think I’ll miss the AFC much except when taking pictures of kids who tend to move fast!

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