New S5 user - Lens recommendations and a future looking question

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Re: New S5 user - Lens recommendations and a future looking question

jalywol wrote:

If you are finding that you are "zooming with your feet", maybe consider a longer lens?
The 70-300mm is a very good choice in a reasonably priced zoom for the system, and it behaves well. It's also very well balanced on the S5, and not heavy for its focal range.

I actually meant “zooming out with my feet” to get landscapes or get a “group shot”. Perhaps this indicates to the FoV not being enough from the 45mm sigma f2.8.

If you want a faster prime, there are a few in the system, but what you need to do is think of the focal lengths that you want before you randomly purchase one. If you like the 50mm focal length, the Panasonic 50mm f1.8 is a great choice. I personally shoot wider or longer than that, so it would not be a good option for me, which I why I suggest looking at your photos and seeing what focal lengths you already favor, and choosing based on that.

In general, when I look through my photos, I seem to have taken more photos from the 35mm (FF equiv from MFT camera) and 45mm primes compared to the zooms. Just hard to choose between the 50mm and 35 mm focal lengths Any tips on how to choose between the nifty fifty and 35mm? I wish there was a 40 mm fast prime that’s affordable.

My answer to that is....MEH. We are not living in the photographic era of 50 years ago. Cameras are now really electronics, and electronics have a finite lifespan both technologically and physically, so the "investment" you make in gear is going to be somewhat of a losing proposition no matter what you choose.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion all along. Lenses nowadays tends to contain a lot of electronics themselves compared to the manual aperture/manual focus from the past!

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