New Camera, lens, flash/setup for "product photography" mini studio

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Re: More about lens, lighting and studio tent...

I was looking at the Fuji but ended up getting the Z9, mainly because I have Nikon lenses as well as Canon lenses I can use via Fringer.  It would be starting over with the Fuji and having the ability to use my tilt shift lenses is very handy.  I know focus shift is what all the cool kids use, but on a day where you pull nearly 1000 captures on two sets, the tilt shifts can save a lot of time.  Maybe one day for the Fuji as I've had several medium format capture systems.

For lights, I like Profoto D-series packs and heads.  I primarily light through a scrim that I've had for a zillion years.  8x8'.  There are also a collection of soft boxes and strip lights I keep handy.  If I was starting over, I'd definitely have a look at the better Godox stuff, maybe their monolights.  The Profoto stuff is legacy and went along with view camera work pulling (on the average) a stop of bellows draw.  Sometimes a lot more. Having a variety of reflector choices is very handy.  Table top grip equipment is something I've been collecting and fabricating for years.

Digital photography has eliminated the need for the big powerful strobes to an extent, unless you're doing a lot of big sets, but it would be hard to do anything serious without a modeling light, unless your ability to previsualize is exceptional.

I just got one of the VisionSmith LED adapters for an Arri 650+ and it shows great promise.  I'd like to get one for my 1K, but it's an older model (like me!) and would require a bit of modification, even if it was feasible.  There are a few 1000+ Arris on eBay and it might be worth it, just to do the LED conversion.

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