Deep vs shallow umbrella?

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Deep vs shallow umbrella?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to indoor studio photography. I'm looking into buying a large white interior umbrella for indoor studio portraits. I'll start out using my existing 1 or 2 Godox speedlights, until I can invest in a strobe.

I understand that the larger the umbrella, the softer the light or more "window light" effect it gives. But what about the depth? Shallow vs deep umbrella?

I have done a portrait/beauty shoot with the large 7-foot Westcot and I loved the effect. But it is really big, and I'm wondering if I can achieve the same look with the smaller 51" IMPACT umbrella listed below. But it has a deeper shape, so does anyone know how that affects the look of the light?

My setup for portrait and 3/4 is one large white interior umbrella setup above and slightly off-center, with a white reflector underneath to fill. I do like how the 7' umbrella looked in the final images, but I'm wondering if I could get a similar look with the smaller, deeper umbrella.

My main work is focused on outdoor natural light photography, but I'm trying indoor studio work as a creative hobby. So I don't want to spend more than I really have to.


1. $54 IMPACT deep white umbrella ( 51” inches across open face ) - I am considering this one.

2. $59.97 Impact 7' Improved Parabolic Umbrella (White/Black) ( 72” inches across open face )


3. $100 Westcott 7' Umbrella (White / Black) ( 70" inches across open face )

p.s. I know the best option would be to test them out and then decide, but unfortunately, I live in a country where I cannot rent or purchase/return equipment. I'll be ordering the umbrella online and shipping it to my country.

I appreciate any advice or guidance you might have

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