X-T4 SD card slot is so fragile?

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Re: X-T4 SD card slot is so fragile?

Claes wrote:

Steppencat wrote:

Here is the situation: being in a hurry, I put the SD card in slot 1 incorrectly (contacts up).

The card slid inside the camera quite easily, it didn't feel like I was breaking something.

But the slot is not working now. The camera shows message "! 2 NO CARD"

Visually I can't see any problems when I peek inside the camera - no broken contacts etc.

I can't believe it, it's a professional camera, but it can't handle such an obvious mistake? It's so easy to do it if you are changing cards in a hurry.

Is there any simple DIY solution to it? Or I should buy a new spare part - dual SD card slot ($45 on aliexpress)? It's not a warranty case, obviously.

Also, the XT4 is NOT a professional camera, by design.

The xh series has the pro build.

Not that the XT is flimsly, but not pro.

Yes, it is. Fujifilm even calls it professional. It’s their current flagship.

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