P50 Pro or S22 Ultra for zoom?

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Re: P50 Pro or S22 Ultra for zoom?

jackwelch wrote:

Just curious on your opinions. I don't mind no Google Services, as I am trying to de-Google.

Would you get a P50 Pro for $841 or S22 Ultra base model for $1069?

I'm mainly into zoom and Dxomark rates the P50 Pro as top 2 zoom model.

I know the S22 Ultra has better zoom (longer optical reach) but the P50 Pro is cheaper. Just how much better is S22 Ultra zoom compared to P50 Pro?

Is it $200 better?

Personally I would get a Mate 40 Pro (my previous phone) from around $4-500 or a Global Mi 11 Ultra (my current phone) both will be cheaper than the P50 Pro and way cheaper than the S22 Ultra.  It all depends on how far you are going to be zooming, beyond 10x the 3 Chinese phones will start to show a lack of detail.  The Samsung has better optics 3x and 10x compared to 5x on the Mi and Mate and 3.5x on P50 pro, but it has a smaller sensor size and pixel count (10MP & 12MP) than both the Mi (48mp) and P50 Pro (64mp).  Not sure about the P50 Pro but the Mi allows you to take full res photos on all three lenses (50/48/48) so cropping can be done.  If you're looking purely on zoom capability then the Samsung would take it especially over 10x but as an overall camera experience I would put it level with the MI and the two Huawei phones above them.  When it comes to camera comparisons dxomark are pretty thorough but I do question their logic sometimes when the photographs displayed show a completely different picture to their findings.

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