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Peter_Schmitz wrote:

Hi everyone,

I own a D800 with some lenses which I use for "serious" shootings (weddings, celebrations etc.) - however, that gear is rather heavy. Therefore, I am looking for a camera & lens combination that would be ideal for traveling (countryside, some light hiking) with as little compromise in image quality as possible (max 1 - 2 lenses, budget ca. 2500 EUR).

I was thinking about the Sony A7C with the Sigma 28-70 Contemporary...does that sound reasonable or would you recommend another camera/lens?

I have a similar sized A6400.  But even within the Sony A6xxx and A7C group, there are some differences in grip, etc.  My impression is that's a fairly popular combo.  But the A6xxx or A7C type bodies and evfs, especially, are different from the dslr shape or most of the other ff mirror-less bodies.  You'd probably need to spend some time hands on with your options before choosing.

I have rather large hands - does anyone know if the combination of those would good in terms of usability for me (can't test the lens on this camera)?

I did fine with the A6400 and an enhanced grip.  But the grip space does differ some and different people like different cameras.

There is rumos about a A7C Mark II this year...don't know how accurate those rumors are.

Rumors are often there to sell clicks.



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