Amazon warning: defective camera refused replacement

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Amazon warning: defective camera refused replacement

I am going to try and remain calm on this one.  Additionally, please let me know if you feel I am being irrational about this or out of line in anyway...I would appreciate it.  I am posting this a long time Amazon customer, DPR member since the olden pre-Amazon days when Phil ran it and as a DPR moderator for the past 10 years.

Background: Ordered the Panasonic S5 kit from Amazon 5/8/22.  The camera was listed as only eligible for refund or replacement if damaged/defective.  Fine, I had no desire to return and knew I what I wanted.  Yes, shipped and sold by Amazon (not a 3rd party seller). I figured if it arrived with an issue, I'm covered as usual.

Camera Issue: Today I was testing the audio monitoring with video. Without going into all the difference scenarios, reset to factory specs, different mics, headphones,'s all the same.  When monitoring audio, there is a pretty loud and fast ticking noise, similar to if you put a playing card into a fan that comes out the headphone jack. It happens regardless and even when video isn't rolling, even if the camera is on and in photo mode.

Here is what's happened with Amazon.  Do what you will with this.  I'll try and be concise.  If you want more details, I can do that too. And yes, I have screenshots of all referenced if I need it.

  1. Clicked on return item from my order page. Selected defective and then it told me I could I could not replace the item and to contact customer service/support.
  2. I started an online chat. They told me they could not help and to contact Panasonic. 
  3. Received an email from a team "lead" in CS who said it was not eligible for replacement.....even though the listing stated it was and I have the screenshots and the policy page even stated it was from the link on the listing. 
  4. I called their CS via phone. I spoke with at least 4 different people / kept being escalated.  They all had the same company line.  Something to the effect that the "system" would not allow them to do anything and I had to contact Panasonic. 
  5. I explained the fact their listing stated, and still states, it is eligible for replacement if defective. They acknowledged that fact and said it was wrong and they would contact someone to get it changed. 
  6. I contacted Panasonic and Amazon told me they needed written proof I contacted Panasonic and that they could not help to do a refund.  Again, I didn't want a refund, just an exchange for the defective camera.  Pretty simple. 

Yes, it has a 3 year warranty and I could register it with Lumix Pro services and have it taken care of but that takes time, shipping and a hassle.  It's brand new, arrived defective, Amazon's listing said it was eligible for replacement and they refuse to honor that. 
Am I being unreasonable here? Seriously.  After this, I think I'm going to FINALLY cancel all of my Amazon services because of this. If it was just one or two CS people who were a pain, fine.  This was about 4+ on the phone and 2 via chat/email.

OH! Other cameras such as the GH6, Sony A7s and other cameras shipped and sold by Amazon are fully returnable and cost more....they said this was a "high ticket item" and therefore not eligible.  I call BS. Thoughts?

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