Software that recognizes objects in a photo [chair,tree,mountain]?

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Software that recognizes objects in a photo [chair,tree,mountain]?

Facial recognition is becoming standard in photography software.

Google Photo (and some others) also "recognize" other objects in a photo
with pretty high accuracy.
Recently I needed a photo of myself (that rarely happens) 
my search was a bit abstract bu it was the 3 or 4 suggestions
that matched what I was looking for 
Is there any software available that can do the same?
I am wondering about writing a script to traverse Google version of a 
photo and stuff meta data into the photo on my drive.
That said I hate Google Photo and I have not put any new material
there for a long time.

So I would like to do this myself. 
Or well I dont want to this myself because manually iterating over my
collection of photos to type this in would take an awfully long time.

I am looking for shortcuts after I lost about 7000 photos,
Backup did not work.   Tertiary backup plan did but I lost 
100% of the meta data.

I am looking for software that can save me some time in stuffing 
useful things back into them.

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