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Re: external viewfinder RICOH GRIII GRIIIx

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I mean, the Ricoh GV-3 is actually a better price than other 40mm viewfinders you're likely to find anywhere, for what are actually very good optics in such a small package. And no, an add-on EVF isn't possible unless the hot shoe were majorly redesigned, or an additional port were integrated somewhere below it.

Hopefully in a future iteration...

If you feel bad paying for one accessory finder, try shooting with a rangefinder like my Voigtlander Bessa T that doesn't have a built in viewfinder. Every different focal length lens needs its own finder.It's heartbreaking looking at how expensive they are.

Maybe Iam wrong and it's a lot of engineering, costly material and worth the price. It surely doesnt feel like it but what do I know. At least the new one has the correct ratio

One of the Chinese optics companies needs to start manufacturing all sorts of brightline finders, it would be a niche market but a good one.

Yeah, I have been thinking the same.

I found that :


but the 40mm is out of stock....

I already know I ll end up buying the damn ricoh one , I love these little cameras and I need the viewfinder.

I just needed to vent about the price before I do.

I have used both the 35mm and 28mm versions of those little plastic ones, they have plastic optics and they do not look very good. View is blurry and the edges are especially fuzzy. The 35 is worse than the 28, which is almost usable. I was able to find a Voigtlander 40mm finder on KEH for only $125 recently, so I snapped it up. The quality of one with good optics is surprisingly pleasant to use.

feeling (still) somewhat uneasy about the € 299, i must say the GV-3 is not only tiny (which is an asset), but also very good optically. and an EVF would not be an alternative - the whole idea, with this camera, is to have an instantaneous, purely optical direct view, made possible by working with the snap focus settings. - after a little getting used to, pictures like this one have come within reach :

utrecht, netherlands, saturday afternoon may 14

Great shot!

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