My niece tries to troll me with new Iphone vs FF camera.

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My niece tries to troll me with new Iphone vs FF camera.

Hey Uncle J, what ya doing.

Nothing much, just taking shots with my camera.

Why do you even need that camera, when you can just take awesome pics with these new phones?

Well my dear, photography is subjective, and although phones do take nice pictures, on certain things they just can't capture the amazing details, that can only be captured using a better camera.

I don't know Uncle J, I don't think you understand how good my new iPhone (something) 13 camera is. How bout we do a challenge on which one is better?

hmmmm....what do you proposed?

(Looks around, grabs a chess piece.) Let me take pictures of this piece, until I get the perfect pic I want and you have to match it with the same angle as close as you can get it. If I win, You have to treat me to the ice cream factory. If you win, i'll treat you.

Oh.....I'm game. Challenge Accepted!

(20 min later) Niece and I, looking at side by side images. Not a word is said as she turns and squints her eye at me as I return a victory smile.

So what flavor do you want.

Black cherry would be nice, thank you. Let me grab my shoes.

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