Nikon Z7II vs. moving to Sony (A7IV)

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Nikon Z7II vs. moving to Sony (A7IV)

Hi everyone,

I have been a happy user of the Nikon D800 for 10 years and I have used it with the classic Nikkor 24-70 and the Sigma 85mm Art. I am shooting mostly landscape, events and some street photography (as a hobby, not a pro).

Now, I was thinking about upgrading the body to either a Nikon Z7II or move to Sony and get the A7IV and some lenses - but before I invest that amount of money, I would like to ask a few questions to the experts:

- Nikon has been struggeling financially for your own (subjective) opinion: how will this impact new Z models, their availability and the availability of new lenses? Is this a good reason to move to Sony?

- One advantage of sticking with Nikon is that I can keep my glass (using a FTZ adapter). If I am correct, there is no image quality penalty for using F glass on Z bodies, right?

- Would you prefer the Z7II or the A7IV, if you had to choose? Are there differences in available lenses and their prices? What are the features that set these two apart (in your opinion)?

- From some online sample images, I got the feeling that the images done by the Sony are a little more saturated than those coming out of a Nikon. Does this really matter if you are shooting raw?

- When do you think a Z7III could hit the market?

Thanks for any input!



Nikon D800 Nikon Z7 II Sony a7 IV
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