How to change DMA for location

Started May 14, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: How to change DMA for location

Robert Schoner wrote:


I recently changed from DSL with Consolidated Communications (Phone company) to T-Mobile 5G. We have no cable in the area.

This may be the root cause of what you're seeing. If you seach on something like 'T-Mobile IP address location' you will find other instances of people on T-Mobile with the same issue.

The particular example linked below seems to indicate that this is systemic to their network architecture. T-Mobile's service apparently acts vaguely similar to a VPN in that it can "drop you out" onto the public Internet at a geographic location that's totally different than where you are actaully located. It is *NOT* inherently a VPN mind you, it's just exhibiting the same "jump off elsewhere" behavior.

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