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Playing about with the Mi 11 Ultra, trying to emulate the fine detail quality of my previous phone Mate 40 pro. All taken in standard or portrait mode and edited in Snapseed. I'm aware that I've over sharpened in some but I'm still learning so don't be too harsh haha!

Nice but some tweaking needed. Oversharpening- OK that is a matter of taste, but there also some NR not nice blotches + some wird rendition of some out of focus areas (nose)

It would be interesting if you can tweak it to M40P level of IQ.

If you would not mind - extra sample from M40P (I do not mean it to compete with your shots, just to have something for visual comparison, not just usual talking&talking).

I'd love to be able to get to that level with this phone it's going to take a lot of practise and patience I reckon, if you're willing to work for it I think this phone can't be beat but for SOOC shots it still falls short of the Mate, as does pretty much everything IMHO.

This is an unedited SOOC from the Mi.

I cannot comment as I do not own MIUltra. But SOOC can be tweaked a bit and surely IMO could be better after some effort.

What do you think about this ver.? (BW intentionally)

I think the camera on the Xiaomi is close to what my eyes see (not necessarily a good thing!)  The mate saw detail beyond what I can physically see which is why I loved it. This phone does have natural bokeh as it doesn't have a tof sensor so background blur is as a dslr would create through the sensor and I like that too. A mix of both is what I'm trying to achieve, the honor magic 4 ultimate looks like the one that could be the link that merges the two. I don't that I'll be getting one of those soon so I'll be persevering haha.

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